shwert logo t

shwert logo t

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so it ain't nike. or supreme. or hollister.

but it still looks cool, right?

maybe not quite as cool as hollister. but we can't all be hollister now, can we?

buy our shwert logo t now + show the wrld how kool u really r! srsly! at the very least somebody will ask you, "what the f@#k is a shwert?"

and, knowing you, you'll have a brilliant answer! (if you don't, you can read our "what is shwert?" page to get our take on it.)

we donate a portion of the sales of this design and from all of our t-shirts to charities, because we believe that a unique t-shirt has the power to make somebody happy and make a difference in the world.

because we personally hand screen print each of our t-shirts to order, we ask that you please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. but we promise to get your shirts to you as soon as possible!

thank you for your support!
love, team shwert