"newhart& burnett& knight& cooper." short-sleeve t

"newhart& burnett& knight& cooper." short-sleeve t

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remember those helvetica list t-shirts? the ones with a list of associated names, each separated by an "&"? the ones written in helvetica?

well, we couldn't dream of having our own t-shirt brand without our version of that popular t. nor could our version be anything but unusual.

so, we present to you our "newhart& burnett& knight& cooper." short-sleeve t! you might ask yourself what all of those names have in common, other than being the last names of some awesome performers. it's a fun play on names with 2 twists.

if you're a fan of classic cinema (& classic rock), then you'll

get it&

buy it&

wear it.

if you need a hint: bob&carol&ted&alice. a little gem c. 1969 whose title lends itself to this style of t. look it up. watch it. buy the shirt. appreciate why we chose cooper black over helvetica. rock it. become the coolest person at this party we call life!

we donate a portion of the sales of this design and from all of our t-shirts to charities, because we believe that a unique t-shirt has the power to make somebody happy and make a difference in the world.

because we personally hand screen print each of our t-shirts to order, we ask that you please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. but we promise to get your shirts to you as soon as possible.

thank you for your support.

love, team shwert